Busking is all about creating exciting, engaging music that your audience of passers-by can enjoy. When you're a one-man (or woman) band, especially one that plays primarily outdoors, creating depth for your sound can be a challenge. When your primary instrument is an acoustic guitar, you definitely need that extra depth to round out the sound of each song you play. Lugging around a ton of high tech devices isn't easy when you busk, either. That's one reason Peterman Acoustic created an incredible DIY stomp box Sydney musician can purchase to make their live performances even more exceptional.Many items can be made into stomp boxes. At Peterman Acoustic, we even make them out of old hockey pucks. If you've got a tinkerer's spirit in addition to a musician's mind, you can use our DIY stomp box kit in Sydney to augment your sound while busking or playing gigs. We sell a variety of transducers and attenuators that produce a broad range of different percussive sounds perfect for playing along with your guitar. Hook one up to an amp and feel the bass as you play! These products don't just amplify the sound of your stomps, they transform it into quaking bass tones listeners will love. Featuring volume controls and the jack plug already wired, it's an easy project to enhance your sound.Our DIY stomp box is available online to Sydney musicians and others around Australia and the world. We offer a 100% guarantee on your satisfaction, and lifetime warranties on these hand made products because we believe in what we make, and we're confident you'll love it, too.