Perhaps you're making the move from small rooms to medium-sized venues, or maybe you are tired of bumping into your guitar microphone while trying to get into the groove of a performance. In either case, it's worth investing in an acoustic guitar pickup before your next performance in Sydney, and Peterman Acoustic has just the product for the job.Handmade, practical and affordable, Peterman's acoustic guitar pickups are the perfect solution for a guitarist who wants to get a fuller sound in live or studio settings without investing in an acoustic-electric guitar. All of our pickups are easy to attach to your guitar and plug into an amplifier. You get a richer and louder sound without having to switch instruments or change up your playing style. Best of all, you'll never have to go through the clumsy process of trying to set up a microphone down by the sound hole again.While targeted towards guitars, the pickups made by Peterman Acoustic also work extremely well on other acoustic instruments—including ukuleles, cellos, violins, mandolins and more. This versatility, combined with pure ease of use, makes our acoustic guitar pickups the ultimate tool for any Sydney studio recording session.Are you interested in learning more about Peterman's handmade acoustic guitar pickups? Click here (http://www.peterman.com.au/music/acousticguitarpickup) to view our pickup selection on the web, or give us a call on 0408 722 092 to ask about these or any other products that we make and sell.