Finding the best acoustic guitar pickups for your show or band can be a major pain. Everyone enjoys a good live show, but many do not fully comprehend the technical hassles that can go along with staging one. Often, there are half a dozen microphones, speakers, amplifiers, and chords, along with the instruments the performers themselves use. There is no way to avoid the logistical nightmare of putting on a show. You can make it easier, by having ready-to-go equipment that is simple and efficient to set up and take down once you are finished. Our handmade products at Peterman Acoustic are often considered the best acoustic guitar pickups around because of how simple they are to set up, plug in, and get going.On top of our notoriety for ease of use, the sound produced by our equipment is highly praised as well. It is no secret that when you acquire handmade goods, you are shopping for quality, not quantity. It is no surprise that the best acoustic guitar pickups come from smaller, private vendors and not the major retailers. What you get with Peterman Acoustic is an item carefully crafted by one or two individuals who have a serious understanding of music and the instruments and technology that make the music happen. As a result, you end up with an easy-to-use piece of equipment that will give you or your band a fuller sound than you have ever experienced on stage before.