If you've ever gone into a recording studio to cut a song or make an album with a professional producer, technician or audio engineer, then you've seen the steps that go into capturing a full, pure and authentic acoustic guitar sound firsthand. Typically, engineers in these settings will use the best microphones and well-proven recording strategies to get a recording that is as close to the original sound of the guitar as possible.When you are playing live shows with your acoustic guitar—whether at an open mic night or a full-fledged concert with your band—it goes without saying that you aren't going to have a studio technician there to get the best out of your acoustic guitar. Instead, you are going to have to figure out a way to get a great acoustic sound yourself, without all of the expensive recording equipment you used in the studio.To get the best acoustic guitar sound in a live setting, you are going to need nothing less than the best acoustic guitar pickup on the market. At Peterman Acoustic, we believe that our acoustic pickups fit the bill. All of our pickups are handmade and easy to attach to any acoustic guitar (or, for that matter, any acoustic instrument). Indeed, Peterman guitar pickups are versatile tools, workable amplification solutions for classic nylon string guitars, modern steel string acoustic guitars, violins, cellos, mandolins and more.Best of all, Peterman Acoustic's pickups provide a rich, pure sound and come with a lifetime warranty. In other words, once you've tried our product, you'll never again have to search for the best acoustic guitar pickup ever again.Interested in learning more about how Peterman Acoustic's guitar pickups work, or in hearing one of these instruments at work? Call us today on 0408 722 092.