Attention solo singer/songwriters: if you've been looking for a way to liven up your solo open mic night performances, a stomp box from Peterman Acoustic is the perfect way to do it! With a stomp box, you'll be able to add simple percussion patterns to your music, all by just tapping (or, yes, stomping) your foot! Audiences love a beat, so give it to them with a stomp box—even while you busy yourself singing and playing guitar or piano.At Peterman Acoustic, we offer a flexible array of stomp boxes for solo musicians just like you! Standard models like the Big Stomp DeLuxe Pro foot bass (a gorgeous wooden stomp box) or the Puck'n Stompa Pro (a stomp box crafted from a 'real' hockey puck) are perfect for getting you accustomed to using a stomp box for the first time.Meanwhile, if you've used stomp boxes in the past and have particular preferences for the design and construction of the instrument, Peterman has various DIY stomp box options available in Melbourne. We can customise our products to meet your specs, or you can purchase individual components and plans and build your own stomp box. The choice is yours.Whether you are a first-time stomp box buyer or an experienced user of these fun, percussive instruments, Peterman Acoustic is the place to shop for your next stomp box. From our acclaimed products to our DIY stomp boxes in Melbourne, you're sure to find what you're looking for on our website.If you have questions about the customisability factors of Peterman Acoustic's stomp boxes, feel free to contact us directly by calling 0408 722 092.