Microphones are amongst the most common pieces of musical equipment. Sadly, though, most performers do not think to mic all the necessary components of their set. Namely, musicians and mixers tend to focus on amplifying the guitars and vocals and tend to neglect everything else. While it is true that percussion can carry its own sound better than some other instruments, acquiring a drum mic set in Brisbane can allow you to control the mix of sounds you bring on stage fully. When drums are given proper amplification, the drummer can worry less about the volume of their performance and is freed up to explore stylistic opportunities that previously may not have worked as well.At Peterman Acoustic, we assemble each of our products by hand. This gives us an edge over our competition when it comes to providing the best drum mic set in Brisbane. Mass-produced products may have a slight price advantage. When you consider the range of sounds provided by our superior products, though, and the durability of high-quality handmade units compared to their mass-produced counterparts, going handmade and local will always win. There is simply no reason to leave the drum set on its own while other elements of your performance are highlighted and amplified. Consider trying out a drum mic set for your next Brisbane show. With much greater ability to appropriately mix your set, you will find new ways to take your old tunes and give them a new twist when you are on stage.