It’s the session of a lifetime. You’re rocking hard - banging out a rhythm that has the crowd moving, punching out a baseline that shakes the amplifier. The crowd is screaming; the stage is shaking; and then your microphone snaps, turning the beat into a bust. All that remains is a broken clip and the hope that the mic’s diagram didn’t also break.Peterman Acoustics suggests choosing something sturdier for your next set. This is why we offer kick drum microphones in Melbourne, delivering superior sound and equally superior construction.To keep pace with your blistering solos, our kick drum microphones in Melbourne are carefully engineered - pairing hydraulic nylon materials with durable polypropylene. They're intended for constant use and abuse, utilising GRIT (Get Right In There) mounting system to ensure better sound and steadier positioning. A blistering solo won't shatter the clips.It also won’t scratch your shell. Our kick drum microphones boast lightweight designs, passively resting against each rim. It protects every finish, letting you focus on the music (rather than sudden dents in the timber). Stability, support, and sweet baselines combine.You stand at the edge of the stage, sweeping up the remnants of your clip. Peterman Acoustics suggests trading the broom for optimal sound. Let us connect you to handcrafted kick drum microphones in Melbourne, Sydney, and beyond. Contact us today to on 0-408-722-092 to learn more.