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Peterman Acoustic Guitar pickups

Pickup single external acoustic guitar and instrument pickup

Pickup single external acoustic guitar and instrument pickup

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Peterman - External Single Acoustic Guitar, Ukulele, Cello, Banjo - Pickup

The Peterman external Acoustic pickup is the original tuneable pickup.

Designed for guitars and smaller body acoustic instruments (e.g., small ukulele, mandolin, violin, etc.), it emits a natural, authentic acoustic sound and is easy to install and use. A valuable tool for recording studios and live sound systems, the Peterman EXTERNAL Acoustic Guitar pickup can be fitted, adjusted, and transferred to suit any sound-board instrument using the jack plug, endpin strap, suction cup, and ball of putty.


Natural acoustic sound

Adjustable timbre for all sound-board instruments

Great for guitar 'body percussion'

1 x piezo transducer

High impedance 'jack' output

Plug and play (no batteries required)

Portable, movable, and transferable

Handmade in Australia

Attachments: endpin strap, suction cup, putty

Pickups: 1 piezo transducer

Outputs: high impedance female quarter-inch phono 'jack'

Information: printed instructions

The SQL file also includes a YouTube video embedded, which may not be visible here.

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Meta Title: Acoustic Guitar Pickup - DIY - Handmade - Microphone - Australia

Meta Description: External Acoustic Guitar Single Piezo Pickup. Tuneable. Easily transferable.

Meta Keywords: external, acoustic, guitar, pickup, single, tuneable, musical instrument, microphone

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