Thank you for considering endorsing my products! I appreciate your enthusiasm and willingness to promote them. However, I have certain policies in place regarding endorsements and free products.

Firstly, I want to clarify that my endorsement deals are exclusively offered to customers. If you have never purchased a product from me, you do not qualify for endorsement opportunities. However, if you are an existing customer, we can explore possibilities for cross-over marketing.

It's important to understand that my products are handcrafted with great care in a small workshop, where I work alongside one part-time employee. As musicians ourselves, we rely on the income generated from these products to support our livelihoods in the music and art industry. Unfortunately, we are unable to give away products for free or heavily discount them due to financial constraints.

In terms of endorsements, I offer two options. The first is cross-over marketing, where you promote my products and I promote your act. This mutually beneficial arrangement allows us to support each other's endeavors.

The second option is product endorsement, which involves discussing possible discounts on specific products in exchange for active and monetary marketing efforts. For instance, if you create a video performance prominently featuring my product and actively promote it through paid channels, I would consider providing support through discounted products. The extent of the discount would depend on the nature and reach of the promotion. I may also assist in promoting the video.

By adopting this approach, both parties can benefit from a win/win situation. If you believe this arrangement aligns with your goals, I encourage you to contact me to discuss the details further.

Best regards,

Peter Sesselmann Acoustic Guitar Pickups and Stompboxes