About us

"The Peterman Story:

Meet Peter Sesselmann, an Artist and Musician living in the quiet Hunter Valley near Sydney, Australia. Peter's journey began with a love for music at age 11, and his path has been filled with creativity ever since.

Starting with a talent for working with wood and metal, Peter surprised many by becoming the youngest apprentice prosthetist in Norway. Later, he and his family turned a struggling jewelry business into a successful one, earning recognition as one of Australia's fastest-growing companies.

But Peter's heart yearned for a simpler life filled with art and music. So, he moved to the tranquil Hunter Valley, where he set up a studio on his property. Surrounded by nature, Peter rediscovered his love for making musical instruments.

From there, Peterman was born. Peter's creations, like acoustic guitar pickups and stomp boxes, are all about making music better. He believes in quality over quantity, handcrafting each piece with care alongside a small team.

For over 20 years, Peter's instruments have been loved by musicians worldwide. With over 10,000 products made by hand, Peter's dedication to his craft is clear.

Peter's story is one of passion and persistence. As he looks to the future, he's committed to making even better instruments for musicians everywhere.

Discover Peterman's acoustic guitar pickups, bringing out the natural sound of wood, and stomp boxes, adding rhythm to every step."