How can a microphone increase your revenue? It’s surprisingly simple. You may or may not realise that you even need drum microphones for your Sydney shows. Until you play with them, though, you will have no idea what you are missing. By amplifying your drums or drumset, you will be able to achieve much more stylistically. For instance, brush strokes on a cymbal are an effective way to set the tone for a quieter piece. Without proper microphones, your drummer is unable to achieve this effect. This is just one of countless examples of how quiet percussion amplified can grant you access to a range of styles that were previously out of reach to you. If you consider percussion to be a primary part of what you do, consider adding drum microphones to your next show in Sydney.At Peterson Acoustic, we understand that quality is vital to any serious musician. That is why we hand craft all of our products to ensure that they are the highest-quality products on the market. It is with good reason that we have been touted as having the best drum microphones in Sydney. Our equipment can help take your musical career to the next level by providing your professional grade equipment that will impress every venue and transform your show by expanding the musical range accessible to you. A better-balanced sound is something that will be apparent to every audience member, not just the music aficionados.