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Peterman Acoustic Grit Microphone

Grit dynamic microphone and Guitar and Voice bracket.

Grit dynamic microphone and Guitar and Voice bracket.

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As part of the GRIT (Get Right In There) range of Peterman microphones, the Peterman Grit guitar dynamic microphone is designed to reproduce and capture the true sound of your instrument. Perfect for live or studio applications, this microphone is hand-made in Australia using high-strength ABS/nylon construction, is lightweight and non-scratch. A great sounding microphone that mounts in a unique way, allowing you to get right into the sweet spot!

Product features:

  • ships with 1 GRIT microphone, (additional mics can be purchased separately)
  • can be used for many instruments (including Voice)
  • is unidirectional
  • has a dynamic capsule and doesn't need phantom or battery power.
  • uses a standard microphone XLR plug
  • is easy to mount
  • is light weight
  • is non-scratch
  • is made with high strength ABS/nylon construction
  • is handmade in Australia
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