Hand made acoustic guitar pickups, for a more natural sound. The Peterman pickup attaches to the sound board of your guitar or other acoustic instrument, with no modification neccesary to your instrument.They are made from the best raw materials and are assembled and inspected by Peter himself. These pickups are not a massproduced product but hand made quality and care. They have a natural and rich sound, perfect for recording and intimate performances.It is a better alternative to a traditional Microphone or saddle pickup.There is No  installation required as these pickups simply strap onto the endpin, attach with "no-Marking" putty and plug in.  \ For more info click here!!Customer Reviews:"It's the great pocket pick-up." Geoff Iliff, AustraliaI love my Peterman guitar pickup, undoubtedly the best quality pickup for the price. Jesse AustraliaI installed the Peterman dual pickup internaly in my washburn acoustic and it sounds great. excelent value for money. Grant Scott AustraliaI have one steel string acoustic and two rather costly classical guitars that I did not want to chance ruining by installing an internal microphone system. The Peterman was perfect!I transfer the dual pick up between each guitar as needed, and have found it to work extremely well. I especially appreciate the way the sound technician can highlight the particular personality of each instrument. Thanks! Pastor Tom Lucasmore….