Trying to make your band stand out from the many others competing for attention across Australia is quite the challenge. It doesn't help when you're struggling to make your acoustic guitar sound good, either. If you and your bandmates aren't happy with the tones your instruments are producing, make a change. At Peterman Acoustic, we have been crafting hand-made instruments and accessories for five years running, so we have a solid sense of what makes guitars sound great. That's why we created the best acoustic guitar pickup for Sydney musicians. Whether you need to refine your sound for a brand new studio-recorded album, or you're seeking a new style for live gigs, our dual external pickup is a super solution.Though designed to fit any steel and nylon-string guitars, it also suits most string instruments, too - cellos, ukuleles, you name it, it fits and works. It simply clips onto your guitar endpin, and some blue tack will fix the pickups in place. Ours is the best acoustic guitar pickup in Sydney not just because of portability, though: it's specially designed to pick up three kinds of sound energy, not just one! It also quickly picks up guitar body percussion and can be attached to different surfaces of the instrument for new sounds. It's easy to adjust whether you want to focus on body sounds or the strings.Enjoy rich new sounds and the opportunity to expand your playing style with the best acoustic guitar pickup in Sydney from Peterman Acoustic. We guarantee you'll be 100% satisfied, or you get your money back. We invite you to explore our website to learn more about these fabulous handmade products.