It’s an open mic catastrophe - with every riff falling flat and every lick failing to inspire. Your chords are sour; your sound is soft; and the audience peers up at you with blank-eyed disinterest, waiting patiently for the next act. You finish your set with a whimper and slink away.Peterman Acoustics shares your pain - and we offer a better way to play. Let us connect you to handcrafted guitar pickups in Sydney, Melbourne, and beyond.Our team understands the need for rich sound. That’s why we’ve created guitar pickups in Sydney that redefine every note, launching the traditional Piezo design to the next level. We maximise every frequency, fusing each pickup with a top-line counterweight. This increases the vibrations and generates a higher frequency range - letting you connect all the right chords.We also deliver a fuller acoustic vibe, with our pickups accommodating both Woody and steel string beats. Achieve a more diverse (and more robust) sound with every slide - and never fear those open mic nights again.Searching for guitar pickups in Sydney and beyond? Peterman Acoustics offers a series of options, including single tuneables, piggybacks with attenuators, and mid-treble bass transducers. To learn more about our products - or to schedule a visit to our workshop (Thursday through Sunday, 10.00am to 3.00pm) - contact us today. We'll gladly help you transform your sound.Phone: 0-408-722-092Email: peter@peterman.com.auAddress: 245 Frame Drive, Sawyers Gully (Hunter Valley)