You have your favourite guitar. You’ve practised tireless, long hours with it, used it to bring enjoyment to friends and acquaintances and strummed on it when feeling inspired or even bored. So why would you want to go through the trouble of drilling holes in it for acoustic guitar pickups whenever you play in a larger venue? That guitar is your baby, and it’s perfect just the way it is. That’s why a Peterman Acoustic guitar pickup in Brisbane are exactly what you need.Peterman Acoustic guitar pickups don’t require any drilling or screwing onto your instrument. They’re handmade in Australia out of the highest-quality materials. Combine the kind of pickup used mostly in recording or live music and the kind of pickup used for bass guitar, and you have the rich sound that can be found in a Peterman Acoustic guitar pickup that is normally only available at much higher prices.The advantages of Peterman Acoustic guitar pickup designs are numerous. Not only do you not have to make any modifications to your favourite guitar, but the pickup can be transferred from one guitar to another effortlessly, there are no batteries required, you can use two pickups for stereo sound, and it fits easily into your guitar case. And you receive all of this at a better price than similar products from other companies. Buy an acoustic guitar pickup in Brisbane today.All Peterman Acoustic products were developed by Peter Sesselmann, an artist/musician based in Hunter Valley, outside of Sydney, Australia. His products are all designed to require no modification to the instrument while delivering the kind of performance that stands up to the biggest names in musical accessories.