How to make your own DIY stomp box using a box

DIY Stompbox Creation: Crafting Your Own Beat Machine

Hello, I'm Peter Sesselmann, and today I'll guide you through a quick tutorial on creating your own stompbox using one of my DIY transducers available on my website. It's a simple and fun project that lets you customize your stompbox's sound and appearance. If you've seen other stompbox-making videos using piezo discs, you might have been disappointed. I agree – piezo discs aren't the best choice for creating the rich bass drum-like sound you're aiming for in a stompbox.

Let's get started with the essentials:

Materials Needed:

  • Cigar box or any suitable box or container
  • DIY transducer from my website
  • Non-skid rubber or foam
  • ABS plastic or wood (for reinforcement and lid)
  • 22mm spade auger or chisel (for jack plug hole)
  • Jack plug

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Preparing the Box: Start by selecting a box or container for your stompbox. A wooden cigar box works well, but you can use your creativity here. Consider the size, shape, and resonance of the box.

2. Transducer Installation: Place the DIY transducer in the box, making sure it has a flat surface to adhere to. Glue it in place with double-sided tape, ensuring there's some space for the plug to fit.

3. Jack Plug Hole: Create a hole for the jack plug to pass through the side of the box. Use a 22mm spade auger or chisel to make a hole that's slightly angled upward when the plug is inserted. Attach the jack plug securely.

4. Reinforcing and Lid: If needed, add reinforcement to the box's interior to create a flat surface for the transducer. Create a lid from ABS plastic, wood, or other suitable material. Glue it in place.

5. Non-Skid Feet: Attach non-skid rubber or foam feet to the box's bottom to allow for a bit of movement and prevent skidding while stomping. This movement is crucial for creating bass frequencies.

6. Customization: Feel free to customize the stompbox's appearance with paint, varnish, or other decorative elements. Let your creativity run wild.

And there you have it – your very own DIY stompbox! Plug it in, stomp away, and enjoy the deep, rich sound you've crafted.

If you're not up for the DIY challenge but still want the convenience and quality of a stompbox, I have a variety of pre-made stompboxes available on my website, each designed to deliver the perfect sound. Whether you're creating your own or choosing from my selection, stompboxes offer a unique way to enhance your musical experience.

So, go ahead and give it a try! Have fun experimenting with different boxes, designs, and sounds. And remember, your imagination is the only limit when it comes to crafting your ideal stompbox. Enjoy the journey, and until next time, keep stomping and grooving! Cheers!

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