Every musician has humble beginnings whether that means playing on the street with an open case for tips, doing open mics, or playing songs at request at weddings. How to get yourself from that level to headlining festivals is a different path for everyone. One element that all musicians who make the trek share, though, is the need to move from simple acoustics to professional equipment once they start to take on serious stages. Where relying on natural acoustics for your percussion will work fine when performing on the street or in a casual coffee shop, by the time you are opening for major players in a venue that packs hundreds, or even thousands, you will have to amplify every component on stage adequately. While finding microphones for vocalists and many instruments is an easy task, getting your hands on a quality drum mic set in Melbourne can be a bit tricky.If you are in it for the long haul as a musician, buying cheaply made equipment is out of the question. You will need to find items that you can keep with you for a long time. At Peterson Acoustic, we understand that many musicians look at their instruments and equipment as very personal possessions. That is why we take the time to make each of our products by hand, ensuring that every bit as much care is taken in the production of these items as their future owners will place in their use. If you are about to take the next step as a musician, do not hold back from picking up a drum mic set in Melbourne for your next show.