If you're a guitarist, you know the frustration that comes from trying to make your instrument produce the sound you desire. You tune and retune your guitar, but no matter how much you try, it still sounds like you're playing a wet noodle! Have you considered that what you need isn't a better instrument, but a better pickup? At Peterman Acoustic, we're musicians, too, and we understand your frustrations. That's why we worked hard to develop the best acoustic guitar pickup in Brisbane.What makes our product stand out compared to other pickups out there? Our product uses none of the same technologies in the same ways that other pickups do. In fact, we even make them from different materials: timber instead of plastic for acoustic pickups, and die-cast metal for bass guitars. Unlike other pickups, what makes ours the best acoustic guitar pickup in Brisbane is its ability to pick up three different kinds of energy from the strings while you play: not just vibration, but bending and harmonics, too. This lets our piezo pickup create a fuller sound, and by placing the bass and treble pickups close together, you get a richer tone as well. It's tuneable to any guitar's sweet spots so you can generate that perfect sound in every live performance or studio.Peterman Acoustic's hand made products all come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We're so confident that you'll think we make the best acoustic guitar pickup in Brisbane we'll refund you everything, no questions asked if you don't. Browse our website to explore this and other great products, or visit our contact page to shoot us any questions.