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Peterman Acoustic

Non slip Stompbox (Puckn stompa) support

Non slip Stompbox (Puckn stompa) support

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This is a simple NON slip attachment for the Puckn stompa and other Peterman stompboxes. The beauty of a small stomp box can cause a problem with them slipping around on the floor a little. Since the pucks have a carpet backing.. designed to stick to velcro, it is very easy to stop them moving around with a bit of velcro.. but if you don't have a pedalboard or a station for the velcro to stick to then it could be tricky. So here is the solution, it is simply a small patch of rubber-backed loop pile carpet, cut to the size of a foot, and with two double sided (hooks on both sides) velcro strips, it allows for easy attachment of the stomp box.You could easily make this  yourself , but it would possibly cost you more...
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