If you play acoustic guitar and have played live enough, the chances are that you've contended with the question in the title of this article before: do I need new guitar pickups? The bad news is that there is not a one-size-fits-all answer to this question. The good news is that you can decide whether or not to change your guitar pickup completely based on your personal sonic preferences.Indeed, a guitar pickup is a more powerful tool than many musicians realise. Of course, the main role of a pickup is to hook your guitar up to an amplifier system so that you can broadcast your sound out into whatever venue you are playing. However, your guitar pickups can also drastically influence the sound of your guitar.If you think a new guitar pickup might be in order, ask yourself a few questions. Are you changing from one style of music to another? A new pickup can help you to make the switch in tone and style. Are you experiencing guitar squeals when you play at high volumes? Usually, an inexpensive or worn out guitar pickup is to blame. Do you get the sense that your favourite guitar doesn't sound as crisp, clean or beautiful as it once did? Switching out your strings and pickups are the easiest ways to restore a favourite guitar to its previous levels of glory.These are just a few reasons why you might consider investing in a few new guitar pickups for your instrument. If you are in the market for new acoustic pickups, stop by Peterman Acoustic for a higher-quality range of handmade contact guitar pickups! Call us on 0408 722 092 to learn more about our business and products.