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Peterman Acoustic

Mega stomp professional stomp box with Bass sound XLR plug.

Mega stomp professional stomp box with Bass sound XLR plug.

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The Peterman Mega Stomp professional stomp box is a complete foot percussion unit designed for professional musicians. It features a housed Peterman Puck 'n Stompa in a Peterman Mega Stomp base station.

Product features:

  • easy and comfortable toe or heel playing
  • XLR low impedance connector 
  • suitable for standing or seated playing
  • small and portable design
  • beautiful hardwood timber construction with a vulcanised rubber hockey puck
  • handmade in Australia

The Mega Stomp base station comes with a professional-grade dynamic transducer wired and ready to use. It produces a bass output like no other when stomped with your foot.*

The dimensions of the MEGA STOMP professional stomp box are 20x150mm. The color variation may depend on the natural supply of red-brown timber, and the hockey puck is black. It has standard xlr outputs.

    *A good bass sound requires a good amp. For optimum bass sound, also use a subwoofer.

    Dimensions: 300x240x40mm

    Colour: Red-brown timber (natural variation depending on supply)

    Pickups: Rare-earth (Neodymium magnet) transducers

    Outputs: Balanced, low impedance XLR 

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