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Peterman Acoustic Guitar pickups

Pickup dual external for acoustic banjo pickup

Pickup dual external for acoustic banjo pickup

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The Peterman Dual External acoustic instrument pickup emits a natural acoustic sound.

Using two piezo crystals to best pick up both the bass and treble frequencies, the Peterman dual external pickup is the perfect pickup for the professional musician. Designed for all acoustic instruments, it emits a natural, authentic acoustic sound and is easy to install and use. It can be installed both externally or internally.

Product features:

  • no preamp required
  • suitable for all instruments with a soundboard
  • has a very natural acoustic sound
  • has an adjustable timbre tuner for all styles
  • uses bass and treble pickup heads for best balance
  • uses a high impedance 'jack' output
  • is plug and play (no batteries required)
  • is portable, movable, and transferable
  • is made from wood and die-cast metal
  • is handmade in Australia

Attachments: endpin strap, suction cup, putty

Pickups: 2 piezo transducers (bass and treble)

Outputs: high impedance female quarter-inch phono 'jack'

Information: printed instructions

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