Part of being a musician is always looking for that new and exciting sound you haven't created before. Adding in flourishes, improvising solos or fills, tweaking the way your guitar is set up - anyone interested in making music has experimented with these methods and more. What if you want to go a step further and start creating your own accessories? At Peterman Acoustic, our passion for music drove us to do just that. Not only do we have a range of incredible-sounding products, but we want to extend the same opportunity for self-discovery and experimentation to other musicians, too. That's why we made our DIY stomp box! Brisbane guitarists wanting to add bass and depth to their music can achieve just that with one of our DIY kits.Each installation kit for every DIY stomp box we sell to Brisbane musicians includes the transducer, the impedance transformer, the pre-amp, and the jack plug wired up and ready to go. All you need to do is hunt around for the perfect old box or container to transform into your new stomp box. These units do more than amplify the taps and stomps of your foot - they create the kind of powerful bass that makes parents say "Turn it down!"There is no better source for a DIY stomp box kit in Brisbane than Peterman Acoustic. We strive to offer the best value, quality, and durability in each of our handmade products. Our passion, like yours, is making great music. Make your music even better with a stomp box today.