It’s a moment of silence - stretched taut and terrible. You peer down at your guitar, a drill heavy in your hand and a fear heavy in your mind. Will this destroy the lacquer? Will it peel away the paint? Visions of broken strings and busted bridges flash before your eyes, and it's with a reluctant cringe that you bring the drill down. The noise it makes rings out like a bad omen.Peterman Acoustics understands your concern - and, more importantly, we offer a way to alleviate it. Choose no impact guitar pickups in Melbourne, Sydney, and beyond.We offer a passive pickup design, with our handcrafted products demanding no body modifications. Instead, they attach via a reusable tack, with the jacks clipped on the end-pins. They require no batteries - and no drilling. Achieve sterling acoustic sound without risking irreparable damage.Our no impact guitar pickups in Melbourne and beyond also deliver convenience, with their female 1/4-inch jacks transitioning from machine to machine, Take advantage of full-bodied baselines in the studio or on the stage. There’s no need for compromise. A passive design promises quality sound.Put the drill down (and dare to breathe once more). Discover the value of no impact guitar pickups in Melbourne, Sydney, and beyond. To learn more contact the Peterman Acoustics team today. Call us on 0-408-722-092 or drop us a line via peter@peterman.com.au.