Modern musicians are lucky. Technology has advanced to such a level that high-quality microphones, digital audio workstations (DAWs) and other recording necessities can now be had at affordable price points. Indeed, making a DIY record as a singer-songwriter or band these days is easier than ever before, simply because you can do the whole thing from your laptop.Still, there are challenges with DIY home recording, and perhaps the biggest of those is recording drums. Recording to your notebook and DAW, it's not too difficult to get a great vocal, piano, guitar or bass sound. However, if you've tried recording drums with the same microphone you use for, say, your vocals, you probably know how even very good microphones can make drums sound like little more than a messy cacophony of sound.That's where Peterman Acoustic comes into the equation. Your favourite recording microphone might not be great for drums, but our range of drum microphones in Brisbane will give you the professional sound you've been chasing. Our drum mics mount directly to the various drums in your kit, to capture the sweet spot of each drum sound you play. Plus, you can mic each drum separately, to avoid the indistinguishable wash of sound that often plagues home-recorded drum tracks.Thanks to technology, home recording is now a viable and affordable alternative to booking studio time to record your songs. With drum microphones from Brisbane's Peterman Acoustic, you can get one step closer to the sound you would get in a studio.