Recording drums is no easy task. Particularly in a home studio environment, it can take hours to tune the drums, set up the kit, arrange mics on each drum, test the setup and lay down a great performance. Not just any mic setup can record a pure drum sound without clipping, but most drum mics cost a lot of money, and a mic setup for the whole kit can cost a fortune. Amplifying drums in live concert is hardly easier, as you have to find the balance between the drum levels and the rest of the band.Peterman Acoustic's GRIT drum mics, available in Melbourne, are designed to solve both of these problems. 'GRIT' stands for 'Get Right in There,' and our mics are perfect for getting as up close and personal with your drum kit as possible. Small and manoeuvrable, these mics are easy to attach to your drums in the least obtrusive and most efficient way possible. The result is an impressive, perfectly balanced sound—both live and in the studio.If you are shopping for drum mics in Melbourne, stop by the Peterman Acoustic website to check out the GRIT line. (Click here (http://www.peterman.com.au/music/grit) to view our full selection of drum mics.) You can purchase mics one at a time for different drum types (bass drum, snare/tom/hi-hats, conga, etc.), or you can opt for one of our 'GritKit' bundles, to get everything you need to microphone, record and amplify your whole drum kit.