In a working band setting, instruments have to be able to stand up to a lot of wear, tear and abuse. On tour, dozens of people might be handling any given instrument before, during and after a concert. Add the travelling and the actual onstage use, and it's not difficult to see why an acoustic guitar might start to show its scars after a few months or years on the road.Drum microphones are no different than instruments in this sense. Whether you are going out on tour with a road crew, heading into the studio for a week of recording or simply toting your drums around town for your band's local shows, your drum mics are going to take their share of abuse. These microphones are being unpacked, set up and packed up again multiple times a week—sometimes by people other than you. They might also get dropped, fall off drums or get hit with a drumstick in the midst of a fast drum solo.Needless to say, when it comes to choosing drum microphones for live and studio use alike, you need a set of mics that you can count on to stand up to plenty of wear and tear. Peterman Acoustic's GRIT drum microphones (GRIT stands for 'get right in there') are built to last. We crafted the microphones out of nylon hydraulic hoses and polypropylene circular clips—both nearly indestructible materials popular for heavy machinery applications. In other words, even if you strike your microphone with a drumstick, even if you drop it on the studio floor and even if it is somewhat mishandled by a member of your road crew, you can still count on it to hold strong.Add the crisp and clean sound that our GRIT drum microphones provide, and there's no reason to go with a different brand. Call us on 0408 722 092 to learn more about the GRIT range.