So you’ve put in the practice, logged many lonely hours in your garage or bedroom, and are ready to show the world how good you are. You’ve found the perfect bandmates, people with whom you get along, share the same vision, and want to make new and exciting music. However, now you need the equipment to back up your talent. Peterman Acoustic is here to help.For the drummer of the band, Peterman Acoustic offers stomp box accessories in Melbourne. A stomp box is put under the foot to stomp on rhythmically to create a sound similar to a bass drum. This allows a guitarist or vocalist also to produce the desired sound when needed, creating a more cohesive overall sound. They can be called many different names, including foot percussion, foot pedal, percussion box, box drum, porch-board base, rhythm drum box, acoustic drum box, stomp box drum, bass drum trigger, and many other names. Whatever you choose to call it, Peterman Acoustic stomp box accessories in Melbourne are of the highest quality.The Peterman Acoustic stomp box is of the highest quality, completely original and handcrafted by Peterman Acoustic from the best Australian and international timbers. Our best-seller is called the “Puck n’ Stompa,” made from a rubber hockey puck, which can optionally be encased in timber. Although small, Peterman’s stomp box is virtually indestructible and its weighted and dampened inside membrane ensures that when amplified, it doesn’t just sound like a wooden box but rather like a real kick drum. Despite all the power it packs, its compact size allows it to fit inside any pocket. For any stomp box accessories, we ship worldwide, so call today.