In the darkness of the studio you sit - huddled around the mixing board, headphones shoved tightly on. Today's session blares in your ears, ringing out with a series of kick drum punches and bassline beats. It's smooth; it's clear - it's suddenly interrupted by the tinny echo of an off-tone guitar. You wince, glaring down at the monitor and its frequency displays. On it your song wavers, undermined by every slide of a pickup.It’s going to be a long night.Peterman Acoustics suggests seeking a brighter morning. We know that quality sound demands quality equipment and this is what we provide. We connect musicians to the best guitar pickups in Sydney, Melbourne, and beyond - handcrafting each option with the greatest of care. We ensure that every slide yields the purest frequencies from woody boxes to steel string.We also ensure customer satisfaction. We strive to provide each musician with the best guitar pickups in Australia - and, to do this, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Should any of our products fail to enhance every natural acoustic sound, we'll take them back with no questions asked.We believe that our customers deserve the best guitar pickups available, and we're proud to offer a dynamic selection (including single tuneable, dual tuneable, and bass tuneable). To learn more about our products contact us today on 0-408-722-092 or send us an email (peter@peterman.com.au).