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Peterman online store for Stompboxes, Pickups and custom microphones.

Welcome to the Peterman online store! Discover our handcrafted Stompboxes, Pickups, and custom microphones, meticulously crafted in Peter's workshop for over 20 years. Experience the unparalleled feel and quality of a handmade instruments and accessories, trusted by over 10,000 professional and amateur musicians worldwide. Shop now and elevate your musical journey with Peterman's signature craftsmanship."

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Peterman Acoustic Handmade Stompboxes and Pickups – a testament to craftsmanship and musical excellence. Delve into the meticulous process behind each creation and discover the true meaning of acquiring a bespoke item. Trusted by over 10,000 musicians worldwide, Peterman's products have been featured in millions of gigs, captivating audiences everywhere.